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Gold standard

Established industry standard ensured by health and marketing specialists

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Your perfect pair

Artificial intelligence algorithms matching brands and influencers for optimal campaign success

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Certified blue check

Professional #healthfluencers with trusted backgrounds and verified credentials

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Legal peace of mind

Reduced associated legal risks for companies with approved health claims

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Tracking & analytics

Easily predict and measure campaign success through incorporated tools

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Who are we?


HealthFluencer is a mission-driven company powered by AI that matches health, self & personal care brands with the right #healthfluencer.

What is a #healthfluencer?


HealthFluencer™ can describe a qualified individual in the wellness industry who can act as an influencer or medical representative to provide reliable information about health-/ self- care products to a large audience which can lead to improved quality of promotion for brands from access to data & increased quality of life for consumers and patients.

What industries do we represent?


We span multiple industries, such as healthcare, self-care, personal care, wellness and wellbeing.

What services do we offer?


Tailored matching for brands and #healthfluencers, Predictions & measurement of digital marketing campaigns, Verified #healthfluencers credentials & qualifications.

How can I trust the credibility and authenticity of the influencers recommended by Healthfluencer?


HealthFluencer is aiming to act as a "blue check" in order to validate the information promoted by qualified, certified & accredited influencers ensuring digital credibility to brands.

Is Healthfluencer suitable for small businesses / startups or is it mainly for larger companies?


We understand the unique needs and challenges of businesses at different stages, and our services are tailored to accommodate a wide range of budgets and goals.

What SM do we target?


Your campaigns will be available, measured & predicted across all social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, X.

How does Healthfluencer handle payments and compensation for #healthfluencers partnerships?


The payment and compensation for #healthfluencers will be made through our platform.